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How to cast love spells – Best Love Spells in Johannesburg

Tips for Casting Better Love Spells

Here are some keys to the proper casting of spells, so if you are a beginner and would like to practice Witchcraft at home, you can maximize the effectiveness of your rituals without having to pay for a professional spell caster.

1. Clearly define an intention

One of the basic rules for doing any type of Magic work is to understand exactly what your desires are. The clearer your goals and intentions are, the easier it will be for you to materialize those goals and get good results in your spiritual work.

When casting any spell, your thoughts must be directed towards your goal like a laser beam, without any interference.  Love spells that work best for beginners are those that focus on changing your outlook on life and improving yourself, instead of trying to change what others feel.

2. Choose the right spell

If there are several spells that could fit your need, then choose the one that immediately draws your attention or that you liked at first sight.

Don’t overthink, rely on your intuition and keep your confidence levels high. If you like candles, cast a spell that uses candles. If you like to work with herbs, crystals, or any ingredient in particular, use that ingredient as much as you can. Witches tend have affinities to certain elements because they symbolize a connection to an aspect of Nature or the Universe. With the help of these symbols, a true Witch can manifest anything they want. Find the ingredients and spells that speak to you personally, experiment and have fun!

If you’ve never cast a spell before, start with easy spells, or look for one that seems simple enough for you. Don’t have big expectations for your first rituals. It’s a slow learning progress and little by little you will become more confident.

Click here to read the Easiest Magic Spells in our Book of Shadows

3. Practice through trial and error

If a spell does not work for you, wait for a month and re-cast it. Use your intuition to try and find the reason why it didn’t work. If you felt good while casting the spell but you didn’t get any results, it’s preferable that you try casting the same spell again instead of moving to a new one. It takes practice.

Do not combine a love spell with another trying to enhance it. Unless you are experienced, your attention will be dispersed and the spell work will become useless. It is much more effective to focus all your energy and attention in one goal. Wait until one full moon cycle has passed (about 28 days) before casting another spell. You can still perform, for example, baths and cleanses for unblocking and opening paths. There are plenty of other daily rituals and meditations you can still perform.

If you are a beginner, it’s best to following a written spell step by step, without changing anything. More advanced practitioners should adapt and write their own spells.

4. Give thanks every day

Give thanks because the people and circumstances that you have asked for are already on their way. Allow yourself to daydream and remember what your goal is every morning. Use the Daily Ritual Page to practice devotionals, positive affirmations and mantras that will keep you in the right mood.  Thought creates reality: Watch your thoughts!

5. Work with the Universe

The Full Moon and all other lunar phases have energies that can enhance your Magic. Full Moon love spells harness the symbolism and power of the lunar radiance to amplify your intent. Find more Full Moon Spells to Workout the Witch in you.

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